Open Space Planningland use planning that starts with open space as its priority

Like perceiving a photo in negative form and then in the positive, large and impactful land management approaches can been seen through opposite lenses. When they meet, and where they meet will go a long way to define regional land management practices for the foreseeable future.

The dynamic tension between the extremes of development over environment and its opposite – environment over development – presents us all with a set of risks and opportunities.  When a development proposal surfaces, it attracts the attention of community groups interested in preserving extraordinary or sensitive lands, their view-sheds and their populations.

This is where we can all – developers and preservationists alike – view land planning from the polar opposite of development (where to site it, size considerations, economic impact, etc.) as the driving force in planning. Beginning with the assertion that land use planning starts with open space as its priority would bring a fresh new approach to develop lands in ways that not only serve the economic needs of society, but its preservation needs as well.

When the polar entities begin their processes, the two will ultimately meet, mix and (to varying degrees) compromise. Verde Valley Land Preservation Institute is a strong proponent of Open Space Planning as the best way to address our communities’ economic and environmental needs.