Verde Valley Land Preservation

is an Arizona nonprofit corporation operating within the Verde Valley of Arizona for the purpose of acquiring, managing and enhancing the natural open space in the Verde Valley region.


Our Mission:

VVLP develops and implements strategies to preserve and enhance the open space of the Verde Valley through a collaborative public process.


Our Vision:

Verde Valley Land Preservation envisions a high quality of life in a region where open space and the beautiful vistas are its defining characteristics:

  • ·         Communities have maintained and enhanced their individual distinctiveness and are separated by healthy, diverse natural open space that includes interconnected greenways and trail systems.
  • ·         Watersheds, viewsheds, sensitive ecosystems, wildlife corridors, steep slopes and cultural resources (sacred, archeological, historical, and agricultural), and outdoor recreational areas have been protected.

A regional open space plan is in place that has maintained a balance between natural and human communities and encouraged responsible growth and economic prosperity:

  • ·         It has been achieved through a citizen-driven, science-based (biological, physical, and social) planning effort conducted in collaboration with all affected Verde Valley legal jurisdictions and has been successfully integrated into their plans.
  • ·         All stakeholders have come together and are continually working together to achieve responsible stewardship of the Verde Valley’s open space for future generations.


Goals and Objectives

I   Facilitate The implementation of the Open Space Section in The Verde Valley Regional Land Use Plan

  • ·         Achieve protection of carefully identified parcels based on certified criteria
  • ·         Protect the viewsheds; riparian values and flow of the rivers; forests that clean the air and mediate global warming; wildlife corridors; and cultural and historic values of the area
  • ·         Consult with identified owners and managers of parcels designated for preservation, such as, the Coconino and Prescott National Forests, the Arizona State Parks, the Arizona State Land Department, the cities and towns,  ranchers, developers, the Yavapai-Apache Nation and other private land owners
  • ·         Consider the use of appropriate land trades, exchanges and conservation easements

II  Acquire Interest In and/or Title To Priority Open Space Land

  • ·         Seek funding through all possible sources, such as, the Arizona Heritage Fund, grants, foundations, Verde Valley tourism  programs and a local open space acquisition tax
  • ·         Negotiate targeted land acquisitions

·         Create a management structure to compliment other Verde Valley land managers

III  Upgrade and Update Open Space Planning Maps

  • ·         Continue to gather all information available on parcels identified for preservation, working with all interested parties, cities and towns; and from all possible sources, including available reports and studies
  • ·         Incorporate the Verde Valley Trails and Pathway Plan as it is completed

IV  Participate in Mutual Projects with Organizations with Complimentary Missions

  • ·         Continue to work with the Nature Conservancy and Arizona State Parks to help identify and acquire riparian links along the Verde River, known as The Verde Greenway
  • ·         Seek partnerships with other organizations, as well, such as, the Central Arizona Land Trust, The Sonoran Institute, the Northern Arizona University Ecological Monitoring and Assessment Program and Friends of The Well

V  Continue To Educate and Obtain Public Feedback

  • ·         Hold community events that are directly tied to VVLP projects
  • ·         Whenever possible co-sponsor public events elated to open space
  • ·         Create classroom materials to assist the younger generation to appreciate our beautiful Verde Valley
  • ·         Take the VVLP message to organized community groups

Organizational Strategies

  • ·         Develop and maintain cooperative relationships with public land management agencies, e.g., the USFS (Yavapai and Coconino Forests), National Park Service, Arizona State Land Department, and Arizona State Parks Department
  • ·         Establish and maintain positive and productive working relationships with incorporated Verde Valley jurisdictions, Yavapai-Apache Nation, Yavapai and Coconino Counties, and unincorporated community organizations
  • ·         Establish and maintain regular and effective communication with Verde Valley citizens
  • ·         Establish and maintain positive and productive working relationships with key private sector entities, e.g., large land owners and developers and water rights holders
  • ·         Establish and maintain positive and productive relationships with conservation/preservation organizations
  • ·         Establish and maintain positive media relations
  • ·         Fully utilize the resources of educational institutions in achieving the mission of VVLPI
  • ·         Utilize a broad array of public/private funding mechanisms and groups to support preservation planning, acquisition, and management of open space in the Verde Valley
  • ·         Continue to sponsor public workshops and seminars related to open space issues and preservation